We have been trapped inside for the better part of 18 months and now that we can finally go out and show off again, I have selected some of my favorite looks for 2021.

Many styles are available in plus sizes  as designers are refocusing on the “real” market of buyers.

Some designers are a bit pricy, but I will show you similar looks from Rainbow and Shein that you can put tougher easily and on a budget.


Grey bucket bag
$139 $99


Oversized jacket
$120 $79


Leather box bag
$820 $679


White micro bag
$799 $499

Marc Jacobs

Oversized striped jacket
$520 $299


Leather boots
$120 $79

Adidas originals

Yellow shopping bag
$999 $699


Fancy heels

Adidas originals

Yellow oversized summer dress
$1320 $899

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